The Queen's Court

Living life with dreams and expectations ... with art, fashion and my heart in mind. With a clear soul as my goal .. I just want to me and be happy with it.

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She has reach gold status, pro edition.

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My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks.



1. First cut up some strawberries and soak em in vodka for as long as you can bear to wait (if you do it overnight it’s even better)
2. Then add some lemonade.
3. Stir and serve with mint.
4. Be drunk.

Oooo I gotta try this.

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I’m so ready for “Souled Out”…


I feel like I’m going to be crying my eyes out during half of it.

 But then I’m going to cheer up because I know she has a “Niggas ain’t shit type of song” that all the females can relate to.